How do I know the dosage of CBD for my pet?

CBD is one of the most talked about topical CBD products for humans. All of the CBD products contain cannabidiol, a chemical compound that comes from cannabis plants.

However, what many people don’t know is that there are also CBD pet products such as CBD dog treats and CBD dog chews for dogs as well as CBD cat treats and CBD cat food/oil for cats! This means pets can also experience the benefits of CBD! Just like you, your canine or feline friend can suffer from anxiety or hip pain or cancer or any ailment under the sun (and moon). What CBD pet products will work for your furry friend? CBD dosage is a big factor. CBD dosing depends on the size, breed and health status of your pet as well as how CBD is being delivered to them.

One ounce of CBD oil typically has about 1000 drops, each drop delivering approximately 2mg CBD, so 1-2 drops makes up a typical dose for a medium sized dog depending on their weight. The CBD oil droplets should be administered orally via syringes or feeding tubes on a daily basis if necessary. If you’re using CBD capsules then you’ll need one capsule per 20lbs of body weight, with 10mg CBD per capsule – these are best administered orally three times a day with food. If you’re opting for CBD treats for your pet, CBD dosage will vary depending on the size and weight of your pet. 

CBD is often lauded for its ability to help relieve pain in humans and pets alike. CBD for pets near me has been used to assist arthritis, hip dysplasia and inflammation among many other conditions (check with your vet before giving CBD oil to your dog). CBD has also been seen to improve mood in pets who suffer from anxiety or depression. CBD can affect anxiety levels in cats by decreasing certain stimuli which cause them stress such as loud noises, unfamiliar surroundings and even the presence of other pets in close proximity. CBD oil can ease separation and thunderstorm anxiety and make veterinary visits less stressful. CBD isn’t just beneficial for the health and happiness of your pet – CBD’s natural anti-inflammatory properties can also help those who suffer from skin or ear infections as CBD fights against the bacteria causing such issues. CBD has been seen to reduce seizures in pets with epilepsy as well as other seizure related conditions such as idiopathic head tremors and vestibular disease. CBD oil contains no THC, so you should be able to purchase it at a dispensary or retail store without having to worry about getting ‘high’ and neither will your fur child! CBD oil is available online.

As you can see, CBD dosage can vary depending on what product is being used, how it’s being delivered and the size and weight of your pet, but CBD has many uses for pets as well as people! CBD can be used to help ease anxiety, pain, seizures and other conditions. CBD is available in a range of delivery methods such as CBD oil CBD gummies CBD capsules CBD dog treats and CBD cat treats . CBD dosage will depend on how it’s being administered and the condition being treated, so you should consult with your vet before giving CBD to your furry friend.

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